One of Pepal’s first executive leadership training programmes in Uganda in 2012 has led to a much longer-term partnership for the Katosi Women Development Trust.

In September 2012, Pepal brought together a number of leaders from the UK business world and Ugandan NGO sector to participate in a Uganda Leadership Challenge. Margaret Nakato, Coordinator of Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT) - a small NGO working with disadvantaged rural women to attain empowerment through economic independence - was among these participants.

Commenting on the impact the experience has had on her life, Anita Woodcock said: 

"Working with Pepal and meeting Katosi women was inspiring and life-changing for me. Hopefully, I can now stand by the women of Katosi to change their lives by providing opportunities for them to have sustainable livelihoods and respect from their communities for their wonderful achievements."

Julie Saunders, Executive Director for Pepal said:

“The longevity and depth of this ongoing relationship superseded expectations. We are thrilled to hear of the impact Pepal’s executive development programme has had on KWDT, Anita and the communities KWDT works with.”

Margaret came to the training looking for support to develop a strategy for the organisation to grow and reach more rural women, but with minimal or no additional costs. She was partnered with Anita Woodcock, who brought a wealth of experience in management and organisational training, alongside a passion for issues around women’s equality. Since 2012, Anita has worked alongside Margaret to help shape the longer-term strategic direction of Katosi. Anita has even helped register KWDT as a UK Charity and partner organisation of KWDT Uganda.

This involvement has led to improved outcomes for the organisation, with the vast majority of organisational targets met or exceeded and general performance improved. KWDT has also won a number of national and international awards and accolades.