Why? We will only find the long term answers and achieve real change once commercial, social and political agendas are aligned.

Pepal brings together NGOs and global corporations to find simple solutions to big social issues.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do; helping NGOs and businesses to work together and use their respective skills to find and co-create solutions.

With teams on the ground in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and an understanding of both the corporate and NGO sectors, we are able to ensure the best fit between our collaborators for long term success

Pepal's work helps to create immediate and scalable solutions through projects but also looks to the potential power of individuals in our future leaders. Through leadership training programmes delivered by world-class faculty, we create leaders who are capable of driving change both in our projects and throughout their future global careers.

We Have...

We have increased blood supply in Northern Uganda saving over 5000 lives

Trained over 1,000 global leaders from over 20 companies and 25 NGOs 

Helped to provide sight to 22,000 people in Orissa, India




We connect businesses and NGOs. We work to understand each side, identify the relevant social issue and show how both can work together to achieve mutual benefit. This is the foundation for sustainable change.

Pepal's founder, Julie Saunders, and our team has experience of working for both NGOs and global corporations. We understand the needs and challenges for both sides.

Based in the UK and with teams and partners on the ground in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe we have a unique insight into the current social issues. We undertake research, meetings, interviews and workshops to clarify and develop the vision for a potential project and identify the best fit for our collaborators, looking to achieve sustainable and scalable solutions.


We create leaders capable of driving change. Pepal designs and delivers executive training programmes that take place in developing countries and emerging markets. Leaders from business, NGO and government come together, are challenged to apply their leadership skills in an unfamiliar context and develop new ideas to solve the social issue at stake.

Our programmes combine academic training with a relevant and scalable social impact project. Working with faculty who teach at world-class business schools we bring leaders together to learn, develop, share a vision and co-create long term solutions.  


Implement & Scale 

We support the implementation of ideas that have come from the training process. We work with participants to transform these ideas into concrete projects. In short, we help change happen. 

Our on the ground team facilitates communication between the NGO and corporate partners, provides an extra pair of hands to take forward project activities and documents progress. We identify fresh challenges for the projects as they progress, helping the partners to find the best solutions, advising on strategy and direction. 

The priority is to maintain the engagement of our partners and to enable innovation to take place.