We’re thrilled to announce that in September 2016 we will launch the Uganda Leadership Pioneers programme, an exciting new collaboration with CSLE (Cross Sector Leadership Exchange).

Our collaboration will bring together UK public sector professionals with their Ugandan peers. Together they will develop their leadership skills, share experiences and improve service delivery to communities in some of the most deprived areas in Uganda.

“We are really excited to be joining Pepal in Uganda! The challenges that face health care leaders in Uganda are very similar to here in the UK – the situation is politically complex, resources are strained and the staff are few and overworked. We have lots to learn from each other.”  – Sue Hopgood, Co-founder of CSLE

In September, we are pleased that they will be supporting our Caring Together initiative, working with leaders from the Ugandan health sector to improve leadership and service delivery in government health centres.



We look forward to seeing everyone in September – follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates! 

About CSLE
Set up by a consortium of like- minded public and voluntary sector professional leaders, CSLE aims to develop existing, future and aspiring leaders to better deliver services to the public. CSLE brings together delegates from a range of sectors and organisations to encourage collaborative working and provide participants with the skills and networks they need to drive effectiveness across the public sector.