We create global leaders through designing and delivering executive development programmes that:

Take place in an emerging market and bring together leaders from NGOs, businesses and the public sector

Combine academic training with a relevant and scalable social impact project

Provide in-depth insights into the challenges of reaching poorer communities

Pepal programmes...


Connect business and NGO leaders to achieve social change in emerging markets

  • Operate in Africa, Asia & Eastern Europe
  • Make a tangible difference on the ground
  • Give access to NGOs in health, the environment, education, livelihoods, education and agticulture



Combine academic training with a relevant and scalable social impact project

  • Include world class inputs from institutions such as INSEAD and LSE
  • Participants learn team building leadership, business model innovation, finance and strategy


Create global leaders through challenging stretch experiences

  • Take people out of their comfort zones
  • Build confidence and teach how to work across cultures
  • Give people the chance to give back

The benefits

Pepal programmes provide...

The business

with real life insights into delivering services and products to poorer communities:

  • Gain practical experience of building new business models to reach the poor
  • Engage the community in product / market innovation
  • Build the 'DNA' of emerging markets into the organisation

Human Resources

with a gold standard experiential leadership programme which develops core competencies: 

  • Employees build self confidence and develop 'big vision' thinking
  • Learn how core skills can be applied in a complex environment
  • Become global leaders who appreciate different persepctives

Social Responsibility 

with an opportunity for employees to contribute towards a relevant social impact project:

  • catalyse action and foster innovation on the ground
  • enable employees to contribute towards saving lives
  • build employee alignment with corporate values


This is the most powerful executive programme I have ever been on...Having a concrete project to work on meant that we are making a real difference, which felt fantastic.
— Alison Hall, Marketing Manager, IBM

Programme Objectives 


DEVELOP leadership SKILLS: 

  1. Improve ability to lead in a complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment
  2. Increase self awareness, especially when outside comfort zone
  3. Build cultural agility and inclusive behaviours


Contribute to A MEANINGFUL project:

  1. Apply practical problem solving skills
  2. Develop new business models and challenge the status quo
  3. Create a vision and drive forward project activities


Our programmes have brought together: 

more than 1000 participants  

working in 8 countries  

from 20 companies and 25 NGOs  

to create 15 new initiatives  

in over 50 training workshops ...

benefitting 1,000,000s


How the programmes work

The Participants

Collaboration is at the heart of our projects.

We bring together mixed teams of participants who can contribute a diverse range of skills, expertise and viewpoints. Gaining insight from one another during the leadership training process, our aim is to find solutions that have been co-created and to build a shared vision between different groups. Each cohort of participants brings together:

International business leaders
Local business & government
Local NGO & community representatives
Pepal & our academic faculty

Over the course of the project up to four cohorts of participants come together, each taking over from the previous cohort to develop and continue the work.


The programme TimeLine: the Participants' Experience

Each cohort will experience the same structure to their programme, with three phases:


Individual participants prepare for their leadership and project journey


The diverse group of participants come together in the project location and take part in formal executive training and site visits. Working collaboratively they develop ideas for the project while conventional thinking is challenged and their leadership capabilities are stretched.


Participants work together and with us to progress their projects before handing over  to the next cohort to continue the next stage of development.


The Project Timeline: Achieving Impact over time

Having created a shared vision and aligned agendas between different groups, impact is achieved through projects which are both sustainable and scalable.

Per year, 2 - 3 cohorts work on achieving the project vision. As each cohort hands over to the next, the project evolves and grows, engaging new stakeholders and partners. In two to three years, the project can normally mobilise resources for scaling and moving towards sustainability.

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